Create a smart video platform for your content

Winnow watches your videos so you and your audience can save time and give you only the information that’s relevant to you.

With the latest Artificial Intelligence advances, Winnow automatises the transcription and video analysis...

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Smart Information

...changing how content is watched and consumed!

Give value to your audience through your own intelligent video on-demand platform

Winnow can help you monetise your content, just upload the videos and let AI do the rest.

Add value to your audience by saving them time!

Turn your event into a
year-round experience


Engage your audience throughout the year by sharing content in an intelligent online platform where they can analyse it and make the most out of it.


In 2019 videos were the 80% of the internet traffic. Differentiate yourself by offering the chance to dive and navigate through the content you create in an innovative way!


You have all the metrics in one click. Analyse what has been said in your event, learn what your users find most interesting and identify new trends.

Enter the loop and don't miss on the latest developments and features

What makes Winnow different?

Smart Classification

See at a glance what the videos contain. Winnow tags the videos and categorises them so you can get what you want in a few clicks!

Smart Search

Search inside the videos like you do on the internet with Google!

Not only keywords, Winnow also understands the context!

Knowledge Maps

See in one picture what has been said by each speaker and how they relate to each other! Investigate the deeper connections!

If you create video content, Winnow is for you!


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